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ITS FRIDAY and i only have one week left. OMG. Although the days can drag and go slow the placement on a whole has gone quick. Today i’v had to ring up lots different salons and hotels in London to get the names of the person in charge to send free copies of the new HEROINE to.
I feel it may be a struggle going back to uni and getting into work mode. I’ve probably forgot how to use InDesign haha. But i am looking forward to it.

Wow I’m so bad I at this, I keep forgetting to post! But the past few days Iv been researching for them and finding contacts in industry and their agencies. We also got the new issue of HEROINE in the office but I can’t say much it’s all hush hush as it hasn’t been released. It really is amazing that 7 people work here and manage to release 2 magazines twice a year. Although they have a lot of contributors.
Can’t believe Iv got less than 2 weeks left also!


The weekend and today Iv been posting in the website for Milan fashion week and also keeping up with social media. Making sure a tweet is out as soon as a collection report is out. I was also asked to make a MFW round up newsletter that gets sent out to subscribers on email.
Ps, There’s always chocolate in the office :( not good when I’m trying to eat well !


Seems like I’m doing quite a bit of admin work on my placement and not much fashion. But it’s still an experience and I’m learning new things. I had to create a spreadsheet and draft up posts. One girl I work with is going Australia for 5 weeks so went for a leaving drink after work with everyone.

Back in the office after lcm

Back in the office after lcm is a little sad. Been helping post on the website and posting on their social media pages too.
Also since starting I realised I’m drinking waaaaay more coffee than I should😩 just because I like to go in a walk through out the day aha.